Video is very powerful right now.And ranking videos on youtube means more than finding the right youtube keywords.

Youtube video SEO works a bit different than normal SEO that we use to rank our keywords.Unlike text based articles google can’t assess video content.Not yet.

And for the sake of this tutorial we’ll divide this post into 4 sections.They are Youtube keyword research, Youtube SEO optimisation, Content creation and Youtube video ranking.

Now before diving in, you can our long tail keywords guide to find the most profitable keywords for youtube or your blog.

Once you learn about long tails you can now head over to Youtube SEO guide below.

Here’s the list of contents

Advantages of Youtube over competition

Before we get into Youtube SEO, let me tell me some amazing benefits to make videos for Youtube.

  • You can upload for free and literally without any limit.
  • Youtube gives you powerful video editor to fine tune your videos.
  • It is easy to be found on Youtube, based on Youtube recommendations and suggested videos.
  • Also Youtube videos are easily embeddable in any website.That means you can showcase your content in more places than ever.
  • Google now shows Youtube videos in web search results as well.
  • Unlike Website ads youtube ads perform better and they start automatically.No need for clicks here.
  • Another benefit of using Youtube is to get free and powerful backlinks to your website.
  • Last but certainly not least the number of subscribers on youtube is over a billion.
  • Youtube keywords don’t need backlinks, although you need to make quality content.

Youtube Keyword Research

What are video keywords?

Before we talk about youtube keywords, you need to know about video keywords.Haven’t heard of them yet?Worry not we’re here to help.

video keywordsKeywords that tend to show youtube videos in google search results are called video keywords.Along with normal results Google shows some popular youtube videos.

In order to simplify your Keyword research you can use Long tail Pro.See how we make money using Long Tail Pro and SEMrush.

Why does google show youtube videos in search results?

Well, Google’s job is to show most useful info to its users.Also video is more powerful and explanatory than regular text.

So Google embeds some popular videos to help users better find what they’re looking for.And Google directly owns Youtube so they get better ad revenue, win-win for both users and the company itself.

Pro-tip:You can find video keywords(Youtube keywords) by simply searching Google with queries.If you find 2 or more youtube videos , then they’re definitely video keywords.

How to find right keywords for Youtube

Since you’ve now understood about video keywords, you now need to find some keyword ideas.Let us make it clear to narrow down your keyword tools.

We suggest you use Adwords Keyword Planner to find keywords, search volumes and competition metrics.There are other tools such as keyword tool io that help you find long tail keywords for youtube.

As we discussed in our website blueprint you can simply use Long Tail Pro

Always look for keywords with minimum 5K monthly searches.You never know if these keywords will be searched on youtube as well.Give more importance to video keywords.

Also make use of youtube  search suggestions coz they represent user interest and trend.Go one step further and spy on your competitors.Spy on competitors Title tags, Description and tags using VidIQ or Tubebuddy.

Make a list of all the keywords that are driving traffic to the top channels.You can make similar videos.

Pro-tip: If you make related videos, you mayn’t rank for high competition keywords, but you may be found using Youtube suggested videos.

And if you make a playlist chances are high that your playlist might be recommended or found in Youtube search results.

Find most searched keywords on youtube

Along with some low competition long tail keywords find most searched keywords.Look out for trending videos.Also from Youtube traffic tab in your account, find keywords that bring most traffic to your channel.

Additionally you can use youtube keyword generators like Kwfinder, Keyword revealer to find some great keyword opportunities.

Check out the best keyword research tools available in the industry right now.Long tail Pro and SEMrush are the best keyword tools that we use and recommend.

Now that you would find the best youtube keywords by now, next step is to optimise content around those keywords

Youtube SEO Optimisation

Should you really optimise a Youtube video?

Yes.You really really should!Unlike text videos can’t be processed by search engines.Although Youtube has transcribing feature, it needs more help from you.

What are the ways to optimise a Youtube video?

The best ways to optimise is to start with channel idea itself, Video description and Tags.

Youtube Channel Ideas

Youtube channels need to both search and user friendly.Lets say your channel is long tail keywords tips, you maybe found in search but it isn’t attractive to users.

youtube keywordsOn the other hand if your channel name is cryptic like Galololo, no one gets it right ?Strike the perfect balance between your brand name and keyword.

So lets say my youtube channel is about SEO. I’ll name my channel as SEO learning with Karthik.However if you want to build a brand you can simply use your brand or website name.

Include Youtube keywords in your channel only when required.Don’t stuff keywords or make unnatural combinations.

Here are some formats you can use for including keywords in Youtube channel.

Backlinks tutorials By John, WordPress tutorials for beginners, Backpack with me, Lonely traveller.

You can get some Youtube channel ideas by looking at your competitors.

Tags for Youtube

You need to clearly help google understand what your content is all about.To do that you need add proper tags.Tags must be relevant to your content and include all related keywords with high search volume.

Adwords can help you find relevant keywords, include keywords with volume more than a thousand.Also you can add LSI keywords to help you better rank for your main keyword.

Always include the best tags for youtube videos that best describe your content.So if include the right tags you may be found on search and increase views.


Write long, really really long descriptions about your video.If possible, use a transcriber software to generate text for your video.Make sure that your description is really long and meaningful.

Don’t forget to add some links to your website or some great websites related to your topic.By adding links you provide better value to your viewers.

Content Creation with Youtube Keywords

Perhaps the most important step in Youtube SEO is to create great content.Not just that, content will gain more views, likes and subscriptions.

Audience engagement is really important.Include funny lines, sudden surprises or giveaways to keep your audience engaged.

Also encourage them to share, subscribe and comment.These factors are a sign of great content.

Take care of your video thumbnails, channel art and channel picture.Don’t lost viewers in first 20 seconds coz that’s the time you have to pitch that your video is great.

Another thing to take care of is your curated playlists.More the playlist more the chances are users will love your channel.

Ranking Youtube videos

In order to rank Youtube videos you need to follow the above steps.Embed your videos in your blog.Share your videos with your circle and ask them to watch.

You can use sites like quora, yahoo answers and more to provide your links.There’s no secret sauce involved here users are your ultimate audience.

Now having said all that here are some ideas to rank your videos.Try posting videos about trending topics(Use Google Trends).

Another way is to discuss a controversial topic and ask your viewers to comment on it.Make sure you adhere to Youtube community standards while doing this.

You can also increase ranking by using call to action buttons by asking users to subscribe or watch another video or playlist.Make use of the best tags for youtube so that your content can be found and ranked easily.

Another way is to ask your fellow Youtubers to feature you in their videos.By doing so you can increase your chances of ranking for your video.

Remember that this is the final stage in Youtube SEO.After this you just need to upload great content and keep your users engaged.

Wrapping it up

Choose from the best keyword tools or just go with SEMrush which provides all in one SEO solution.You can refer to Backlinko article here.

Don’t forget to read how me make money and rank high using long tail keywords.