Semrush review

SEMrush is the best SEO tool we can recommend.We personally use it for all our websites.It has keyword analytics, domain analytics , backlink analysis and more.

We will tell you in this SEMrush review¬†why it’s one of the best SEO tools out there.

Also we’ve discussed in our website blueprint how we made money using Long Tail Pro and SEMrush. As it’s gonna be an in-depth SEMrush review you can refer to the table of contents below.

Table of contents

SEMrush features and review

Keyword Research

Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrush Keyword Difficulty Checker Tool

Keywords Position Tracking

Domain vs Domain Keyword Analysis

Website Audit

Social Media Analytics

On Page SEO Analysis

SEO Content Analysis

PPC campaigns

Backlink Analysis

SEMrush Pricing

SEMrush Resources

Final Verdict

Keyword Research

SEMrush review

SEMrush has complete module dedicated to keyword research.You can start your keyword research just by entering the domain or seed keyword in the dashboard.

Spy on competitors keywords

The first thing you wanna do is to find out keywords that are driving huge traffic to your competition.This is also a part of our strategy with long tail keywords.

Once you type in the domain name you can see domain overview that includes organic search, Paid search and other data.

Under Top Organic  Keywords report click view full report and you instantly have thousands of keywords to rank for.

You can add additional filters like CPC, volume and most importantly competition.Once you have the reports you can export them as excel sheet or csv file.

View Organic positions of your competition

Before you find out where you stand in the competition, you need to spy on them first.There’s a handy organic position tracker that shows top competitor keywords in SERP results.

You can quickly find out their top spots and create content that’s better than theirs.So easy, isn’t it?

Find your main competitors

In order to be at the top , you don’t have to go after everyone to rank #1 in google.You need to go after the biggest players.Also don’t forget that Long Tail is the key to success here.

Click Main Organic Competitors report and you can see who’s competing with you in the first place.

Organic Positioning Map

Simple, yet another way to visualise competitive data.You can see in the graph how many keywords each competitor is ranking for.

Paid Search

Just ignore these results guys.There’s no way paid search can help you improve rankings.However it may drive some traffic to your website.

No one loves to click on ads other than deals and coupons.People really get creeped out by ads related to websites.There’s negative sentiment around paid advertising.

Don’t opt for it unless you’re a retailer who’s looking for sales.Or a brand looking to improve your presence on the internet.

Find Phrase matched keywords and related keywords

SEMrush review

This one is a goldmine of opportunities.When you type in a keyword in the search field instead of domain.You can find reports of phrase matched and related keywords.

Phrase matched keywords are a great way to find long tail keywords.You can use related keywords as LSI keywords in your content.

SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword magic tool is like wikipedia for keywords.This tool can help you find keywords containing it or excluding it.

You can find keywords such as questions, broad match or exact match.It literally spills out all possible keywords a user won’t even think about.

Also you can find related keywords by number of words or volume.

Keyword Difficulty Checker

Keyword Difficulty checker lets you find difficulty score to rank for a particular keyword.Firstly it analyses various factors such as Domain authority.

SEMrush has huge set of features so it’s often hard to get what you want quickly.But hey this is expected given the capabilities of SEMrush.

Position Tracker

What’s the point in working so hard when you can’t track where you stand?Position Tracker shows on which page and particular position of Google your website ranks.

Also this tool provides in-depth insights like visibility, Difference, No of improved keywords and declined keywords.

It is literally position tracking on steroids.You can set it up for all your websites.

Domain vs Domain Analytics

By analysing the common keywords of your top competitors you can find top performing content and content gap.

You can choose upto 5 domains and also add advanced filters to speed your keyword research.

Website Audit

Get a complete overview of your website. You can find broken links, http insecure content problems and more.

Also you can your bad links fixed, get disavow file and further content optimisation ideas.If you’re not using this tool then you’re not doing your SEO properly.

Social Media Analytics

Assess Social Media Posts

SEMrush is also beginning to be the ultimate social media automation tool.You can easily access metrics like session time, social strength and more of your content.

It measures the backlinks by taking into account likes, shares and comments.You can also find traffic driven by your social media articles.

Compare Content

You can compare content by authors, resource and even on URL vs URL basis.This helps you find the best possible optimisation techniques for the content that you need.

Social Media Posting

It allows you to configure all your social media accounts.Not just you can easily post with click of a button.Don’t want to post immediately? You can schedule your posts instead.

Not just posting but can also analyse the content posted in an intuitive dashboard.

On Page SEO analysis

Simply enter a URL into the box and select On Page analysis.SEMrush will populate rows with logical data such as strategy, content ideas, Semantics, backlinks and more.

SEMrush can suggest you to add landing pages and even keyword placement.On page analysis module can even suggest some ideas for you to be found in Google rich snippets.

SEO Content Template

SEMrush can suggest content template.Just enter your keyword and it’ll do the job of yoast SEO for you.

Since it will suggest header tags, meta description and more, SEMrush is the only tool you need.

Their content recommendations are based on top 10 search results.In fact they’re even more powerful than using random LSI keywords from online sources.

PPC campaigns

If you’re an advertiser looking to increase your online presence simply copy the competition or outdo them.Get all the reports that are driving traffic to their websites.

Also you can find their top performing display ads, visual ads and more.

Backlink Analysis

This one is our favourite.Backlink analysis on SEMrush goes toe to toe with Ahrefs.Since it gives every detail like referring domains, anchors and more.

Also keep an eye on backlink quality, referring domains and most importantly lost backlinks.

What we really love about SEMrush is that it gives all the metrics, such as media used for backlinks as well.

SEMrush pricing

They offer 3 different plans called Pro, Guru and Business.Monthly pro plan starts at $99.Guru is priced around $199 and Business around $399.

We recommend you go with Guru plan.Also we personally use Guru plan for all our websites.So it’s upto to decide.

SEMrush resources

SEMrush has an excellent youtube channel.They cover everything from content marketing to SEO.

You can also check out their blog for more guides and information.

SEMrush review conclusion

SEMrush is the best SEO suite that has got everything from backlink analysis to site audit.You can also refer to our blueprint on how we made money with SEMrush and Longtail Pro.