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Looking for the best SEmrush alternative ?You’re in the right place.In this post we will list our top 10 semrush competitors that give SEMrush run for their money.

While there any many SEO suites with similar options, we’re interested in those that just work.Without any further delay lets dive right in.

Moz Pro(Best SEMrush alternative)

best semrush alternativeFeatures

Moz is industry leaders in SEO.Moz keyword explorer is very powerful as it provides most accurate data.

You can create add, create or edit keyword lists and keep track of all the keyword data you need.

Using keyword explorer, you can find the most expensive keywords or the keywords that your competition ranks for.

Also Prioritise your keywords with important metrics such as CTR, volume.Using rank tracking feature you can see where you rank and compare against the competition.

Rank tracking feature also allows you to compare mobile and desktop traffic.In the mobile first world, this is a welcome add-on.

Perhaps Moz Site crawl is our favourite feature.Its custom crawlers can crawl your website and let you know of any potential SEO errors.By doing so you can fix your site before google crawls your website.

Also Moz pro comes with great On-site SEO tool, it lets fix your site’s content, links and more.On-site SEO is one of the 3 features you need to be serious about if you want to rank high.

Other features include link research and you can create custom projects similar to SEMrush.

Pros: Moz Pro is the gold standard for SEO tools.Moz custom crawlers are accurate upto 95%.Moz even has a great community where you can get help from fellow members.

Cons: It is similarly priced as SEMrush.Moz doesn’t offer insights into paid traffic and it doesn’t have PPC campaigning tools.

Moz is purely focused on organic traffic analysis and research.

Pricing: Monthly plans start from $99 and go upto $349 per month.Annual plans start from $950.


Majestic features

This is another SEMrush alternative that’s really worth talking about.Majestic has custom metrics called flow that measures quality of backlinks to it.

Majestic provides wide variety of tools such as historical index, backlink analysis and more.

It even offers rank tracker integration with google search console.In addition to that there are various advanced metrics such as network neighbourhood.

Also you can compare upto 10 sites to find the best performing keywords, traffic and more.

Pros: Majestic provides depth of the features that Moz and SEMrush provide at half the price.They’re one of the industry leaders in SEO and their data is pretty accurate as well.

Cons: While some of the features are really great, some features needn’t benefit the average user.However if you’re a company or agency you may want all those features.

Pricing: They have a lite plan that starts from $49 per month.Annual plans start from $43 month.


Ahrefs features

When you’re into SEO and still haven’t heard of Ahrefs, there are 2 possibilities.You’re either joking or new to SEO. Ahrefs is the best tool for backlink analysis.No other tool even comes close in terms of data and indexes that Ahrefs maintains.

Site explorer lets you type an URL into the field and shows you various metrics such as new backlinks, lost backlinks, anchor text , Top pages and more.

Keywords explorer which is relatively newer addition to ahrefs helps you find great long tail keywords and even SERP position history.

Additionally they have site audit, link intersect, backlink checker and more to help you get most of your SEO.

Ahrefs is trusted by influential marketers such as Brian Dean from Backlinko.

Pros: Ahrefs is the undisputed king when it comes to backlink analysis, backlink audit and more.Competitive analysis using ahrefs can help rank more and beat the competition to the 1st page of Google.

Cons: While Ahrefs is famous for backlink analysis, keywords explorer is relatively a new addition.

Apart from that ahrefs doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking so you might wanna conisder one among the top.

Pricing: Ahrefs monthly plans start from $99 and go all the way upto $999.Annual plans start from $999.


SERPstat features

This is one of the new players in the market.They’re slowly gaining traction for their cool set of tools.

keyword research can find competitors keywords, long tail keywords, keyword trends analysis and more.

Search analytics features lets you spy on your direct competitors, track positions and more.Using SERPstat you can even spy on PPC campaigns and keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors.

Along with that you content marketing, domain vs domain analysis,On-page SEO analysis  and more.Additionally you can perform backlink analysis.

Pros: SERPstat offers all the features you need in a complete slick package.There’s no need to use another tool like Longtail Pro.

SERPStat goes all bonkers with its pricing that starts from $19.Now this is kinda big deal.

Cons: They’re relatively new in the market and their data accuracy is yet to be proven.

Pricing: Monthly plans start from $19 almost 1/5th price of any major competitors.Annual plans span for 3 years and they are priced at $15 per month.

Google Search console +Analytics+Adwords

Did you know that search console, analytics and Google Adwords can do most of the things SEO tools do.Wait, is it SEMrush alternative ?It all depends on your needs.

If you’re an SEO agency you may wanna use one of the solutions above.Now We’ll show you how you could leverage the power of free software from google that no one really talks about.

Rank Tracker :Google search console can show you which keyword you rank for. Go to Search Traffic tab in the console, click Search Analytics.Select clicks, Impressions and all.

You can clearly find the keyword you’re ranking for including position, CTR and more.

Under Search analytics go to internal links to find number of links exchanged between youe website.Under crawl tab you can find any crawl errors in your website.

Google can even notify you of any potential security issues identified in your website.

Adwords keyword planner can help you with most of your keyword research.It can give you relevant suggestions, show search volume, organic share and more.

Analytics can help you find the best performing keywords on your website, the platform they’re coming from and a lot more.

By using all free google services efficiently, you mayn’t need any paid tool at all.

However note that Google’s tools can’t help you perform competitive analysis.You can just improve your website from your own perspective.

Mangools tools(Kwfinder+3)

Mangools offers 4 tools at the price of one.Kwfinder can help you find long tail keywords, search volume, CPC and trend.

Using Kwfinder you can narrow down your search to a city level.SERPchecker helps you analyse 45+ plus SERP results to find your competitive advantage.

SERPwatcher keeps track of your keyword ranking and domain ranking.LINKminer tool can help you find best backlink opportunities.

You can also save URLs of backlinks that you want to get.

Pros: Mangools offers 4 SEO tools at the price of Long Tail Pro.Kwfinder is an excellent tool to find low difficulty long tail keywords.

Cons: Features are often limited as it doesn’t PPC research and site audit.SERPstat already has all those features at half the price.

Pricing: Monthly plans start from $49 and annual plans start from $229 per year.


Spyfu isn’t an exact SEMrush alternative.It doesn’t have all the extensive features as SEMrush.As the name says all it does it to spy on competitors.

Its mainly used to find as PPC tool to spy on competitors’ successful ad campaigns, paid searches.You can also find competitor’s backlinks and replicate them.

Keywords campaign lets you find influential marketers, ranking history, track ranks and more.

Spyfu is a clever tool that can often be used as a shortcut in SEO campaign.

Pros: Skip the research and get to the point that matters the most.Finding competitors’ msot profitable keywords and backlinks.

Cons: It’s not a complete SEO suite.It can’t be a total SEMrush replacement.

Pricing: Monthly plans start from $39 annual plans from $33/month billed annually.

Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro is the best keyword tool for finding long tail keywords.If you’re looking for the perfect keyword tool then Long tail pro is for you.However it’s not a SEMrush replacement.

Also you can find out how we made money using SEMrush and Longtail Pro.

Pros: Keyword competitiveness feature is the single metric you need to see to target keywords in your niche.

Cons: Longtail Pro doesn’t have extensive set of tools such as backlink analysis and more.

Read our long tail Pro review here.And you can try Longtail Pro here.


It does something that SEMrush doesn’t.Content marketing.If you’re in the market looking for content marketing tool, this one is for you.Don’t think of it as SEMrush alternative though.

Buzzsumo helps you find influencers in your niche, most shared content, trending articles and more.

Rather than being a SEMrush alternative, this tool tries to be go to solution for content marketing.

Pros: It helps speed up backlink research by helping you find the influencers in your niche.Also by analysing social media you can go after the right content.

Cons: Some of the features provided can be automated by using google alerts features.Ahrefs also offers similar functionality and lot more at this price point.

Pricing: Monthly plans start from $99 and annual plans from $79/month billed annually.

Keyword Revealer

This one is the last on our list as its not a total SEMrush alternative.However you can find features such as rank tracker, keyword brainstorming come in very handy.Also you can buy lifetime plan so that’s a winner for us.

Think twice before you go for any of the alternative listed.You can clearly decide by reading our full SEMrush review and website blueprint.