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Wondering what it takes to build niche websites?Worry not, we’ll guide you through the process of building niche websites.

Our team consists of experts who make money just by building niche wesites. So we will share with you the exact strategy required to build niche websites.

If you have Longtail Pro you can simply start a website right after keyword research, which is the reason why we ourselves use Longtail Pro for our website.

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They cover everything from niche marketing, best niche ideas and how to monetise.These guide are so complete that you don’t need any other SEO tool at all.Longtail Pro is all you need.

Getting ideas for Niche websites

Before you can proceed with Longtail Pro or Keyword revealer, you first need to get great business ideas.Think of a product you use such as gaming laptop.Lets say you love gaming.

Take a notepad and note down ideas first.Note down all the products you love using or topics which you’re really excited about.

Let us I love gaming I’ll write down topics related to it like gaming accessories, gaming equipment.

Here are some ideas for your niche site 

  • Amazon bestsellers having a minimum rating of 4 stars
  • Best products on ProductHunt
  • Best lists on top blogs in your niche
  • Use Google trends to find some great ideas
  • Products that solve common user problems or frustration
  • Products that you already own such as smartphone, car and more.If own a Google pixel, you can make a niche about Google pixel photography.
  • Products receiving excellent ratings in the niche of your interest.If your niche is cooking search for best rice cookers.
  • Products or ads on Search results pages.If you see ads on google, then that company is desperately trying to sell that product.So you could help them sell their product on your niche and get good commision.
  • Unsolved problems on google.When you google something and you found a problem unsolved that could just be your niche website idea.
  • Best selling e-books, digital goods e.t.c. on Amazon.
  • Products of start-up companies.This a golden opportunity.Start-up websites are small and they don’t have enough capital to advertise well. Lets say you love using GoPro.You could easily advertise their products and strike some deals with them.
  • Products that are already famous.For example consider Playstation 4, it’s already a best-seller and a worldwide hit.So you could make a website about Playstation hacks or trips.

If you want more niche websites ideas, then refer to most searched keywords.

Who are the target readers for your niche site

You must also access what are the age groups, genders, things they commonly like, most talked topics and more.You need to know the mindset and expectations of your reader.

Once you get into the minds of your readers, you can think like them and understand the things they search for.

Analyse user intent behind keywords

First of all this, is very crucial step before starting a niche website.It’s ok if you’re starting a website on a broader niche like photography or mobile photography.

Always analyse the keywords you need to target to rank your about-to-start niche site.Commercial intent is very crucial for any niche website.

There are four types of keywords corresponding to four types of users.

Informational keywords

Users typing informative keyword in search engines are looking for quick information.They’re more likely to find the answer in google’s featured snippet itself.

Some examples for informative keywords are what is the age of Donald Trump, how to make black coffee.

They have very low click through rate, so they mayn’t visit your site to find that information.

Interest keywords or Product keywords

Users at this stage are likely looking to consider the best choices to buy stuff.

They mayn’t immediately buy anything.However they may click Google Adsense ads or other promotional material you offer on your website.

They have some 10-20% commercial value and they do matter a lot.

Some of the interest keywords are best juicer machines, top 10 gaming keyboards, top rated smartphones 2018.

Consideration or decision making keywords

Users now try to finalise the product they have decided to buy.They just look for one final confirmation from trusted sources.

Lets say user wants to buy Samsung Galaxy s9 or iPhone X, he may search for something like Samsung s9 camera rating, s9 vs iPhone and so on.

Users at this level can be converted to buyers by redirecting them to Amazon or Walmart.You can earn affiliate commission per sale.

Buyer keywords

Just as the name implies, these are the keyword which users just use to buy stuff.Users at this stage clearly made their buying decisions.

Some examples for buyer keywords are Buy iPhone 8, Samsung s9 free shipping, Philips juicer coupon code e.t.c.

Find competitiveness of your niche website

We suggest you go after buyer keywords, interest keywords and consideration keywords.If you have Longtail pro or keyword finder(free version) then you’re in good luck.

Simply type in your main keyword in the search field.On Longtail pro you need to assess the competition.

Why is this step important?It is important because if you want runs ads on your website using Google Adsense you need to be unique.

And It’s really hard to get Adsense approval in a crowded market.So Pick the keyword with keyword difficulty upto 45 if you’re looking for Adsense approval.

However if your niche is based on amazon, you may not worry about Adsense.Even in that case select a keyword with difficulty upto 45.

Get marketing ideas for your niche website

Once you settle down with the keyword for your domain, think of various monetisation sources for your niche website.

Some of the best ways to make money are Google Adsense, Amazon affiliate program, native ads and exclusive member content.

Choose your domain name and affordable hosting

I want you to get settled with a cool domain name.Something that’s user friendly and unique.

So lets say your niche is about pro gaming tutorials.I assume here that you’ve carefully verified search volume which must be around 2000 monthly, High CPC and low competition.

And select a cool domain name for your keyword which in this case is pro gaming.I’d suggest you with some user friendly name such as or

Feel free to come up with an innovative name for your and select a cheap hosting provider like BlueHost.

Since we’re talking about niche website with around 3000 visitors/month you don’t need a hosting plan that burns hole in your pocket.

We recommend you go with BlueHost that starts at $3.95/month and they give you a free domain.

Finally Go after Long tail keywords

Always remember that you need to go after long tail keywords for your niche.Long tail keywords are the key to your success.

If you want to find long tail keywords for any topic or keyword, just use Longtail Pro or Keyword revealer.

Additionally don’t forget to include LSI keywords and take care of SEO. If you want to speed up the process hire some good SEO copyrighters from contentmart or textbroker.

Refer to our list containing more than 25 ways to find long tail keywords.