LSI keywords

Keyword research is the first and foremost thing in SEO.However just coz you used keywords in your post or page doesn’t mean it’ll rank.You need LSI keywords to provide sense of context to search engines.

We have clearly mentioned LSI keywords in our longtail keywords ultimate guide.

What are LSI keywords

LSI keywordsLSI(Latent Semantic Indexing)keywords are those, which are logically and closely related to your actual keyword.These are the similar terms you find under relevant keywords in Adwords.

First of all let me explain it to you.Lets say your actual keyword is Apple iPhone.You may write content around Apple watch , iTunes or Mac.But lets say you’re writing about Apples.

Also you may write content around the taste, colour and more.These are the keywords that provide context to your content.

In other words LSI keywords help search engines like google distinguish between spammy websites and quality ones.

How to Use LSI keywords

The first thing you need to remember here is to use LSI keywords quite naturally.Exactly the way I’m doing right now.Use them only if they are needed.

For this particular post my seed keyword or main keyword was LSI keywords.I’m using close variations of it like to how to use, related keywords or more.

There are actually lot of places where you can use LSI keywords.

Title and Meta description

As search engines look for the keywords in title tag and meta description first, its no brainer to use them in the beginning of the page and in description.

Maybe your keyword is cold coffee.You can create description such as Latte, cappuccino, hot coffee available along with hot and cold coffee available here.

Honestly speaking we’re a big fan of LSI keywords and we use them in our content naturally.

Heading such as h1,h2,h3

Consqeuntly google puts more weight into heading before scanning the actual content.I advise you to place several LSI keywords, 5-6 per article.

Anchor texts

While you’re linking back to your article don’t always use the exact keyword.Try with some variations and use.


Sprinkle LSI keywords in your content.Remember that you need to use them if they fit that particular context you’re talking about in your article.

How to find LSI keywords

There are couple of free tools where you can find LSI keywords.

Google keyword planner tool

However if you’re in your initial stages of SEO then you may be familiar with this tool.When you type a keyword you may find relevant keywords under it, you can use some of those.


There’s a website called LSIgraph that lets you type seed keyword and find LSI keywords related to it.

There are couple of wordpress plugins that I highly recommend.You can save lot of time and focus more on content planning and content writing.


If you’re real serious about getting on-page SEO done¬†you need to get this tool.

It can fetch LSI keywords using bing database, warns you of keyword stuffing or over optimisations.

Also SEOpressor can even suggest keywords to be used for external links.If you’re using yoast SEO plugin then its ok but you need to do more yoruself.

SEOpressor does everything for you.Get this plugin and clean up your On-page SEO.

We use SEOpressor for our own on-page SEO.Read full review here.





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