Long tail Pro review

Long tail Pro is the best keyword tool to find long tail keywords.In this Long Tail Pro review we’ll cover about everything you need to know about it.

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We already mentioned in our blueprint, how we made money with Long tail pro and SEMrush. So brace yourself for an in-depth review of Long tail Pro.Long Tail Pro is the ultimate long tail keyword research tool that you need.

Before diving right into our full Long tail Pro review, you can use the table of contents below to navigate through the pages.

Here is the list of contents that you’ll find in our Long Tail Pro review

Why Use Long tail Pro ?

Before we dive in to the review, you may ask why use Long tail Pro.Answer is in the results.You can use it and find the difference in your ranking and earning.

It’s a proven way to increase traffic to your blog and rank for the best possible keywords.To be brutally honest, we used Long tail Pro to do speed up our keyword research.

Also if you’re making niche sites, this is your best bet.Not only it saves time, it also helps you find most profitable keywords to rank for.

Niche website owners rely on Long Tail Pro to even find domain names.Long tail Pro can help you build a niche site and make a living out of it.

It can help you get your keyword research and keyword analysis done in a slick and easy to use package.Read our blueprint to find how we use Long Tail Pro and SEMrush together as our money making machines.

Also it can be your niche finder tool.We think it is the best keyword tool.Continue reading to know what made us think so.

Long Tail Pro review and features

Easy to use dashboard

Ability to create multiple projects

Add upto 5 seed keywords

Filter keywords by volume, KC, bid and more

Favourite your keywords

Adwords suggestions per keyword

Top SERP results for per keyword

Add domain

Set custom rank value

Ability to export keywords

Update metrics

Rank Tracker


Long tail Pro has an easy to use dashboard.UI is clean and the options you need are available right at your fingertips.

Firstly you need to set a target country before you proceed.Since you’re dealing with keywords for particular market you have other options to choose country, language and currency of your choice.

Manage and create projects

Within the dashboard all keywords are included in default project.You can click the plus button to create a new project.

Creating new projects is very essential as you can group keywords for various niches or ideas.This speeds up your keyword research process and find keywords related easily.

Just with one click you can export the whole project in csv format.

Add upto 5 seed keywords

In order to start your keyword research, just type in upto 5 seed keywords.You can also choose manual keyword entry.

In addition to manual entry, you can set how many keyword suggestions you want to retrieve.Long tail Pro retrieves best keyword suggestions.

Long Tail Pro retrieves Adword suggestions and finds the most profitable keywords.

Filters for your keywords

Choose advanced filters based on your own needs.Filters are divided into 4 rows.First row has include or exclude options.

Second row has data elements such as keywords, language, words, volume and competition.

Third row is contextual based on your selection in second row.So if you select country in second row, third row gives list of countries to select from.

And if you select volume you can select from greater than , less than or equal to options in 3rd row.

Fourth row is where you enter the values based on selections in all the three rows.You can enter keyword text, numerical value and more.

Favourite your keywords

You can favourite whole group of keywords or individual keywords.Also you can find all the favourited keywords from the dropdown menu next to plus button(add projects).

Additional Adwords suggestions

Long Tail Pro already gives you best keyword suggestions already based on your seed keyword(s).In addition to that you can generate upto 20 Adwords suggestions per keyword.

Top SERP results per keyword

Best of all, you can check top search results per keywords.Along with that you get to see all the metrics of each search result.

Each search result has fields such as Keyword competitiveness , Domain Flow, Trust Flow, External backlinks and even age of the website.

Additionally you have handy show in google icon, that googles your keyword for you.

Add domain for KC accuracy

You can add your own domain per project.By doing so this tool lets you measure how easy it is for your rank for keywords based on your domain strength.

Think of it as an additional customisation flavour that delivers custom tailored results for you.

Set Custom rank value

Rank value Long Tail ProWait, what’s rank value?This is where things get interesting in Long Tail Pro.Long Tail Pro has column called rank value.

Rank value is nothing but telling you how much profit you could make if you rank on the first page of google for that keyword.

Rank value is one of the best and smartest features of this tool.It also lets you choose between sources like google, amazon or custom engine such as bing.

So lets say your amazon commission is $4 per sale and you typically have 5% CTR for that keyword.Based on the volume, the tool analyses and predicts how profit you could make by ranking #1 for that keyword.

Long tail Pro calculates rank value based on typical data and its algorithms.You can customise it entering your click through rate.

You can set custom rank value for the whole project or just for any keyword.We absolutely love this feature.

Move keywords

You can move keywords between your projects, copy or delete them.This can also be done at the project level or on per keyword basis.

Updated metrics

In this competitive world you need get real time data.In case you need to , you can update each result to see if there are any changes in competitive metrics such as competition, KC and more.

Rank Tracker

Although we don’t think of it as a groundbreaking feature, we call it a convenient feature.It lets you add domains and keywords that you wanna track.

You can manually do it yourself, but hey we’re talking about automation here.Time is money.

Data accuracy of Long Tail Pro

Since we’re talking about Long Tail Pro cloud, data is very accurate.Long Tail Pro derives its data using sources such as Moz and Majestic.

Not just data accuracy, Long tail Pro also has wealth of data as it handles tonnes of big name clients.

Also data accuracy gets better in the cloud with every software update.Best part is that software can be tweaked behind the scenes to give you the best possible results and experience.

How to Use Long Tail Pro

Since Long Tail Pro is now a cloud based tool, you can log in from any browser and use it.You can sign in from the device of your choice.

Given its easy to use dashboard and slick UI navigating through the tool is pretty darn simple.

We shall be posting Long Tail Pro tutorials under a new section so we’ll keep you posted on that.

Long Tail Platinum vs Long Tail Pro Cloud

Long Tail Platinum which runs on desktop and mac uses proprietary adobe software to run.Long Tail Pro no longer allows you to use its desktop software.

While it continues to support desktop version for existing users, it has now moved to cloud for several reasons.Here are some key differences between the two


Long Tail Pro cloud is noticeably faster than Long Tail Platinum.Because Platinum is desktop based, it depends on the configuration of the system.

As a result retrieving results from database can be slow in Long Tail Platinum.

Location Dependency

As you can login to the cloud from virtually anywhere in the world, you have the freedom to work in Long Tail cloud.Desktop version allowed only 3 sign-ins, so no more strings attached.

Data Accuracy

Previously Long Tail Pro provided estimates of data.Now it provides with exact stats like search volume.We have even compared it against Adwords data and its pretty bang on.

New Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker allows you to keep track of your favourite keywords in Google keyword rankings.

Domain Competitiveness

You no longer have access to features like domain availability on Long Tail Pro Cloud.Instead you features like custom rank value.

Custom Rank Value

You can set custom rank value.You can how much you would make if you’d rank on Google’s #1 page for that keyword.

Also it can customised for amazon or any other option.All you have to do is to provide it with your click through rate.

Features absent in Long Tail Pro Cloud

You can no longer search unlimited keywords.Keywords are limited as per your plan.No more Global search volume meaning you have to manually select a country per project or per keyword.

Long Tail Pro Keyword competitiveness(KC)

Keyword competitiveness Long Tail ProKeyword Competitiveness is an important metric, Long Tail Pro cloud boasts about.It uses proprietary formula to calculate a score  (between 0-100) by taking various factors into account.

These factors include domain strength, backlink profile, domain age and more.Put it simply it’s an amazing way to say which keywords you need to go after.

Finally KC is one of the features that people rely on to build their businesses.

Pros :

  • LTP is fast and reliable.
  • Best known for Long tail keyword research.Many Niche websites are solely built by using Long Tail Pro.
  • Proven way to find the most profitable long tail keywords.
  • Pulls up data from Google Adwords so you no longer need Adwords.
  • Uses custom data servers to provide users with utmost accuracy.
  • Dashboard is easy to use and UI is simple and clean.
  • Rank value is a feature that lets you estimate profits.
  • SERP result analysis is one of the best features that lets you estimate competition.
  • Easily export data, move between projects and copy keyword data.
  • Additional learning resources help you in mastering Long Tail Pro and making money with it.

Cons :

  • Keyword searches are limited(upto 6000 searches/day) although it’s more than sufficient for at least 3-4 sites.
  • Price is slightly higher compared to competition.
  • Global keyword data is unavailable but you can customise data per project or per keyword.


LTP annual plans start from $25/month billed annually. And Monthly plans start from $37/month.They offer a 7 day free trial and 10 day money back guarantee.

However you can get Long Tail Pro at 30% off here if you’re interested.

Long Tail Pro Resources

Long Tail Pro excellent resources called Long Tail Bootcamp and Long Tail University.The later is available only with annual plan.

They’re a part of Long Tail Pro cloud package.Bootcamp teaches you how to get started with niches, how to pick domains and more.

Whereas university course teaches you advanced money making techniques.

You no longer have to buy PDFs or attend other webinars if you purchase LTP.You can access these great resources which are included in your package itself.

Don’t forget to check out their blog for free information, expert advices and more.


If you’re looking for the best long tail keyword, then LTP is the best tool.Long Tail Pro combined with SEMrush is a winning formula.Although you can start making money with Long Tail Pro first.

Feel free to refer to our blueprint on how we make money on all our websites using Long Tail Pro and SEMrush.

In case you’re looking for best Long Tail Pro alternatives visit here.What do you think of our Long tail Pro review? Comment below to us know.