Long tail pro alternative

Long tail pro is clearly the undisputed king to generate most profitable long tail keywords.

While its hard to find the perfect Long tail pro alternative, we have some close options.

In fact it is the tool we used to build this entire website, along with SEMrush.

You can read how we used longtail pro in our website blueprint discussion.Also read our full Longtail Pro review along with tutorials here.

I’ve complied top long tail pro alternatives in the post for the people who like to know.


Long tail pro alternative

SEMrush is one of the big players in SEO world.It offers complete SEO suite ranging from keyword analytics to backlink reports.

Rather than saying that it is Long tail pro alternative we call it a complementary product.

It’s a comprehensive all-in-one SEO suite that can get all your keyword research,PPC campaigning done at a single place.

We clearly discussed in our blueprint how Longtail Pro and SEMrush can make tonnes of money for you blog.

As far as the comparison goes, SEmrush has extensive set of SEO features like domain vs domain research. SEMrush is the best tool to spy on competitors.

SEMrush keyword analytics is far more superior than any other tool we’ve listed below, it can have advanced filters.

Just type in any keyword and you can find phrase match keywords, related keywords and more.

Keyword magic feature, which allows you to type a seed keyword to find all types of variants, question keywords and more.

Pros: Extraordinary wealth of data, precise keyword statics and all-in-one SEO suite make it no brainer to have.Using this tool is a breeze and endless SEO options are a treat to use

Cons: The only thing I can complain of is, price as a keyword tool.However its price is totally justified by its complete range of SEO features like domain analytics, backlinks report and more.

Price: Monthly plans start at $99 and annual plans start at $84 per month.You can get SEMrush from here.


Perhaps this is the best Long tail Pro alternative we can find on the market.They’re relatively new players.That doesn’t mean KWfinder doesn’t pack a punch.

They go right after longtail pro with SEO difficulty metric, which is the gold standard in finding long tail keywords.It a web based tool which is an added bonus.

You can find related keywords, apply filters and do much more.The cool part is that they display SERP results right next to your keywords.

Of course they do provide other metrics like CPC, Search Volume and Trend.

They also promise to be #1 alternative to Google keyword planner.You can even narrow your keyword targeting to a city level which is a first for any tool.

Pros: KWfinder provides varieties of metrics such as SERP results, trends and more.Best part is they provide 5 free keyword searches/day for any user.

You get all 4 SEO tools at the price of a keyword tool.Priced around $29/month annually, it is one of the most affordable options.

This is, in fact almost complete SEO tools suite we wish it had more to offer like domain analytics and more.

It can also pull upto 700 keyword ideas in a search whereas Longtail Pro pulls maximum of 400 keywords.

You can integrate it with other tools such as SERP checker, SERP watcher and LinkMiner which can help you find great backlink opportunities.

Kwfinder can even track external links, social signals and domain authority of top SERP (Search engine results pages)results so that you can decide which keyword to go after.

You can sign-up without entering your credit card info.Feel free to use this tool as your on-the

Cons: They’re relatively new players in the market.

Also they have relatively lesser database of keyword data and Keyword difficulty accuracy, which Longtail Pro is best known for.

This is gonna change as the market adopts these awesome tools.

Price: Monthly plans start from $49 and annual plans from $29/month all including SERP checker ,SERP watcher and LinkMiner. 

Keyword revealer(freemium)

This is the next best Long tail Pro alternative after KWfinder and SEMrush.

It offers simple and easy to use dashboard without any complexities of the big guys like Longtail Pro.

What’s unique about this tool is that it predicts profit metric for a keyword by measuring clicks against searches.

Keyword revealer also offers Brainstorming dashboard.You can use this to find all possible variants of a keyword.

If you click on evaluate for any keyword it shows top 10 SERP results, their Domain authorities and ease of ranking.

Given its lifetime access starting at $39, we call it the most affordable long tail pro alternative.

Pros: Easy to use dashboard and a cool brainstorming tool.They also provide social networking analytics as well.

Rank tracker helps you track ranks of your keywords on Google.This automates long process checking keywords everyday.

Domain availability: You can check if there’s a registered domain with that keyword.Cool, ain’t it ?

Keyword revealer is the most affordable option in our list.That doesn’t mean it lacks any features.

It works perfectly well and its newly added rank tracker is a welcome feature.

Lifetime Access starting at $39 is a big deal.We’re huge fan of this and we recommend it to anyone who can’t afford Long tail Pro.

Cons:  It’s not a complete SEO suite like SEMrush. You may have to rely on other SEO suite like Moz or SEMrush.

Price: In addition to the free plan monthly plans start from $9.97 .Annual plans are billed as low as $7.50/month.

You can also buy lifetime plan starting from $39 which is big win for the beginners.

Keyword tool(freemium)

Keyword tools helps you find keywords for amazon, bing and other sources.It works using autocomplete functionality across various sources.

It can pull long tail keywords, from all these sources and can help you speed up your long tail research.

Rather than saying that it is a Long Tail Pro alternative, we call it Google autocomplete alternative.

This can be your go-to solution for finding relevant long tail keywords .We strongly recommend using this Long tail Pro.

Pros: It offers wider varieties of sources to choose from like amazon, youtube and more.It doesn’t require you to create an account for free version.

You can find different google autocomplete variants of long tail keywords.So it saves lot of time.

Cons: It doesn’t provide CPC and competition metrics in free version which defeats the purpose of the free tool.It is priced on par with best tools like Long tail Pro .

It doesn’t have any competitive score index, which puts it below other tools in our list.

Price: Monthly plans start from $48 and annual plans are priced around $460. 


All of the above tools offer way to export your list, save projects and more.So we didn’t mention it for every tool.

 Additional option to consider


Didn’t see this coming?You may heard of ahrefs as a backlink profile tool.

It can crawl any URL and provide in-depth report of that domain. Ahrefs also offers reports  like Top pages and Content explorer.

Ahrefs is putting its resources behind keyword keyword research as well.It can generate content ideas as well.

It can even pull results of top performing keywords related to your main keyword.

Whenever you enter a URL it gives organic report of that domain.

Click view report and add additional filters such as CPC, volume and position.Don’t forget to use their content explorer.

Ahrefs is an underdog Longtail keyword tool, no one really talks about.

It can also find the best long tail keywords.As it’s not a tool meant for keyword research,I’ve placed it here in the list.

While its main purpose is to use for backlink analysis, you can use it to find competitors keywords as well.

If you’re looking for absolutely free tools you can check this post here.Don’t forget to check out how you can make $200 with the help of Longtail Pro and SEMrush.



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