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Long tail keywords are very specific keywords containing 4 or more words and they cater to a very specific user need.

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The guide

Long tail keywords:the complete guide


Do you know how big websites are making money? Simple and effective answer:Longtail strategy. If your goal is make money to get your creativity rewarded then you’re in the right place.

No haunting SEO suites, no lengthy research periods, the goal here is to let you make money from Adsense ASAP.With just 2 months of time and one-time investment you can make at least $200 every month just like we did.

You can skip this section if you know what long tail keywords are, but I recommend you go through it.

Head keywords

Head keywords are more generic terms like iphone, android, hotels etc.Head keywords generally have huge search volume and high competition.


What are long tail keywords

long tail keywords volume vs conversions

By definition long tail keywords are keywords having at least 3-4 words that specify very specific user needs.Here are some examples of long tail keywords “Miami hotels under $50” or “Trendy sunglasses with UV protection“.

As you can see long tails have very specific needs.Users who search with these keywords are in fact either trying to buy something or looking solve their own problem.

To simply put it users searching with longer tails are desperate to know that specific information.Another thing is that these searchers won’t hesitate to buy your product if it solves their problem.

Examples of Long Tail Keywords

Still confused about Long tail Keywords?Let me clear it for you.Some common examples are Coffee around me under $10, How to reset my computer using windows, Best keyword research tool for SEO.

As you can clearly see each of these keyword comprise of at least 4 words and indicate a very specific query.You can try to modify keywords by including the common keyword modifiers below:

Best of, Best 2018, Latest, Updated, How to, What can, Where to find, Is it, Are there, Top rated, Most used.

Just be creative and try to find search volume and competition of your long tail keywords.

Long tail vs short tail keywords

Here are some key differences between long tail and short tail

Long tail keywords have lesser search volumes and have higher conversion rate.

These keywords also have less competition so they’re easy to rank for compared to head keywords.

When compared to head or mid tail keywords, long tail keywords need really less number of backlinks.Competition or the other big players always go after high search volume keywords.Hence the smartest way to make money is by using long tails.

What are the benefits of long tail keywords

benefits of using long tail keywords

Improve search engine rankings thereby giving your website a better visibility.Ultimately building your domain rating so that you can rank for head and middle tail keywords as well.

More conversions and visitors meaning more money(A lot actually).Moreover the conversions you get here are high CPC conversions, in the range of minimum $20 or above.

You can rank easily for long tail keywords first and then go after head keywords in the long run.

How to find long tail keywords

You can find long tail keywords using many tools.However my favourite tool is SEMrush.

SEMrush is the ultimate tool you need to find(steal) your competitors’ organic traffic.In addition to that all you need is Longtail Pro.However I’m gonna discuss the blueprint in a later section.

Apart from these paid tools, you can use tools like Kwfinder or Keyword revealer.Best thing is that they offer freemium model.

You can refer to our 25+ sources list to find long tail keywords.

How to choose long tail keywords

First try to get Traffic volume and most importantly clicks that keyword is attracting, using Longtail Pro and SEMrush.(Or even Google keyword planner)

Find the difficulty score (KC)using Longtail pro along with competition.Green means blindly go after those keywords.Orange means you can still try.When competition is low or medium you can rank these keywords quite easily.

At this point you must have an all-in-one SEO suite and a keyword tool.We recommend, if SEMrush is beyond your budget then you go with cheaper alternative like SerpStat.

However you can go with affordable options such as SerpStat and Keyword revealer.If you don’t have Long tail pro and SEMrush, skip to the alternate strategy.

Getting Started with Long Tail Keyword Research

Before implementing the strategies that we’re gonna discuss below, you need to be sure of three things.

Who is your target demographic ?Which market are you gonna target?What are the types of the keywords that you want to choose.

Let me explain each one starting with target demographic.You need to be clearly aware of your users.Lets say you’re running a fashion niche.You need to find out which keywords you’re target users are likely gonna use.

Your target users maybe 18-25 years old.So you need to find keywords that they’re likely gonna use.Since you know your users better you can start well with your content planning.

Second thing here is country that you need to target.Many people forget their target country in the process of keyword research.You needn’t succeed in all markets, you can easily rank in emerging markets like India, Bangladesh.

Last but certainly not least is to choose the type of keyword you wanna target.Always go with buyer keywords, such as sale, purchase , discount.They’re easily the best keywords to go after.

Understand User Search Intent Behind keywords

User search intent is really important as it shows what exactly your user is looking for.Lets say if the user looking for free books to read, best free resources, he may not buy any product or be of any value to you.

And the most important thing in long tail keyword research is to choose the best keyword tool.It not only saves time it saves lot of your effort, which you could put in ranking those amazing long tail keywords.

At LTKW we suggest using Long Tail Pro or SEMrush for all your keyword planning and research.In fact SEMrush is the most comprehensive SEO solution you can find on the market.

You can read our Long tail Pro review and SEMrush review before proceeding.

The Best Strategy

Using the best Long tail keyword tool:LTP

Hands down, Longtail pro is the best keyword tool that helps you find best longtail keywords in your niche.In fact that’s the very same tool we used to build this website.

What makes Longtail pro so unique? The keyword difficulty indicator is accurate, meaning you can blindly go after the keywords without thinking about anything else.

Longtail Pro saves lot of time by giving you all the metrics you need.You don’t have to use google autocomplete, Ubersuggest , Soolve or any support forum to find the right keyword.

Longtail Pro just makes finding the right long tail keyword a breeze.Cut the crap, save time and make money.We use Longtail Pro and SEMrush for all our websites.

The best is you can use it for all your websites(in case you have many).Before you buy Longtail Pro you can read our review here.

This is part 1 of our strategy.So you must have purchased Longtail Pro by now.Read our Long Tail pro review here.

Best All-in-One SEO Suite:SEMrush 

This is part 2 of our strategy.To complement Long tail pro we just need SEMrush. Just enter your competitors domain or your keyword idea SEMrush pulls wealth of data from the cloud.

You can even plan PPC campaigns, view backlink report, Audit your own site, Track positions and more all with an easy to use dashboard.

Don’t hesitate to buy SEMrush. It’ll be your best investment.Moreover you can use it for as many sites as you want.Read our full SEMrush review here.

Ultimate Blueprint

1 Now that you have Longtail Pro and SEMrush, here’s the following procedure you need to follow.

2 Open SEMrush and type in your competitors domain name.Lets say backlinko.com.

Scroll down till you see Top organic keywords and click view full report

Now click on CPC tab and till you see them in descending order(Highest to lowest).

Save the report in that order or add advanced filters to match your need like keywords , containing text backlink or whatever.

Fire up Longtail Pro and type in the head keywords  or middle tail keywords(2-3 words) keywords you found in the SEMrush report.

Also validate long tail keywords you found using SEMrush, with longtail pro.

Finally make list of keywords that have KC column value 25-40.

That’s it you now have the complete keyword checklist.

10 Start building your content around those long tail keywords.

Note: If you’re not good at writing content or need more help use Textbroker or Contentmart. They have some amazing SEO copyrighters that you can hire.

If you’re not good at writing you can hire freelancers from Contentmart or Textbroker. You can also use SEMrush content template to get help.

Content is as important as backlinks and SEO.Remember that content is the king.

Alternate strategy 

Use free keyword tool like Keyword revealer

Once you’re done with your keyword research, use keyword revealer(freemium)tool to get search metrics like volume and most importantly keyword difficulty.Also you can try Kwfinder that offers 5 free keyword searches per day.

Anything between 10-40 keyword difficulty can be targeted and ranked for.If you’re still not settled with the best keyword tool you choose one from our 25+ list of keyword sources.

Use SEO suite like Serpstat

Trust me guys, at this point you need to invest in a good SEO suite.If you can’t outrank your competition then you don’t know where you’re going.

If you want a budget friendly solution you can buy lifetime access for keyword revealer and use a tool like Serpstat.

Get all the organic data of your competition and check its keyword difficulty using Keyword revealer.

Additional steps

Step 1 Write best content containing minimum of 1000 words along with LSI keywords.If you’re not good at writing hire someone from textbroker or contentmart.

Note :Spinning content is nothing but scraping content from other’s website.This is a risky step and you may be penalised by google.Proceed with caution.

Step 2 Take care of On-page SEO with Yoast SEO Plugin(free version).

Step 3(Optional) type your competitors URL in ahrefs and find Top pages report.Similarly find the top pages report.

So there you have it within a month of writing articles your visitors’ count will shoot up and as these keywords have CPC you’ll make more money than you could ever imagine.

You can try SEMrush for 14 days free using this link.You can also get 30% off from our special promo link for Long Tail Pro.


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