keyword stuffing

What is keyword stuffing

keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is excessive use of keywords meant to fool search engines by abusing their alogirthms.

Back in old times, before Google Rankbrain and Panda update, people used to fool search engines by spamming articles with excessive keywords.

Let me give you an example for it.Lets say your keyword is used cards.

Keyword stuffing looks like this used cars new, used cars available here, used cars for sale used cars discount.Did it make any sense to you?Neither does it, to search engines.

Here’s an example of  how an over stuffed page may look like

over stuffed page structure

In fact keyword stuffing is a black hat technique.Don’t ever do it as Google may badly penalise your website for doing so.

If google finds out that you’re just stuffing words to abuse search algorithms, then it may penalise you.

Difference between keyword stuffing and optimisation

You may tell us that you’re just trying to follow all the SEO guidelines.

I agree that certain amount of keyword density is a clear ranking factor in Google.There is a thin line between optimisation and stuffing.

Any number between 2-5 % is a golden number keyword density.We always maintain a keyword density of maximum 2% and it works for us.

For long tail keywords the keyword density can be really less, given that you’re writing high quality content.

To make sure google ranks you well we want use to use LSI keywords in place of actual keywords themselves.

The Good

None, actually.If you’re stuffing keywords in your article, meta tag and description you’re doing it wrong.

If you properly optimise keywords and spill them across the content, you’re clearly winning SEO game.

The bad

If you’re excessively stuffing keywords, users may leave your website as soon as they enter it.Google uses these signals as an index for bad content and drops your ranking.

The ugly

In the worst scenario excessive stuffing can lead to penalisation of our website.Even worse some times it can be permanent.

This is clearly not something you or anybody else, as a blogger or entrepreneur wants.

Best ways to optimise content for wordpress websites

Especially while writing content use  long tail variants or LSI keywords.You can also use one of the following plugins.


This the best On-page SEO plugin.It can help you find over optimised , over stuffed keywords and can recommend the best interlinks based on the content in your article.

Our favourite feature is the Semantic keywords or LSI keywords, which will be available to you within the plugin.

Also it can find broken links, provide redirects and more.We use this plugin to do most of our SEO work, previously we used yoast plugin.

You can read our full review of the plugin here and why it made to our top list.

Yoast SEO

If you ask for the best SEOpressor alternative, we recommend Yoast. In fact yoast is trusted several thousands of websites across the world.

We use yoast on some of our other websites and we absolutely love it.

Also Yoast has all the features with exception of backlinks tool and LSI keywords which SEOpressor has.

Keyword research is time consuming and if you’re in the website space to get awarded for your creativity, don’t forget to check our blueprint to make money from website.