how to find long tail keywords

Wanna know how to find long tail keywords?We’ve complied over 40 ways on how you can get started.

This list includes all free, freemium and premium keyword tools, SEO tools along with free online sources.Also make sure to checkout our proven website blueprint that we use to make money.

Google Keyword Planner tool

If you’ve signed up for Adwords, you will have access to keyword planner.It is a free tool that you can use to generate some great long tail keywords.

You can type in keyword or keyword idea, filter by location, get metrics like search volume, competition and more.

You can also use keyword suggestions generated by keyword planner as LSI keywords.You can rank for multiple keywords just by using relevant suggestions.

Long tail Pro

Clearly if you’re looking for the best long tail keyword tool, this is your best bet.We use it for our very own website.

Longtail Pro is a clear winner and how we made money with Longtail Pro.

Keyword tool io(freemium)

This tool uses google autocomplete to generate various long tail keywords.Although free version is pretty basic and limited.

In paid version you can get metrics like CPC, volume and competition.

It is featured on some the big blogs such as backlinko, ahrefs and SEMrush as one of the best keyword research tools.

The best thing about this tool is that it can pull data from various sources such as bing, amazon , youtube and more.

Sign-up for the free trial and see it for yourself.


It is a free tool with limitations.You can generate thousands of long tail keywords.These keywords can be pulled from Amazon, youtube or elsewhere.

Wordtracker offers live customer support, SERP analysis and a lot more features.We’re really excited to see how well it performs in real world scenario.

WordStream free keyword tool

WordStream is a very reputed company and an official Google premier partner. They have huge wealth of data about various websites.

WordStream offers free keyword tool with all important metrics such as CPC, Competition metric and more.

This is an added source to find long tail keywords.


Neil patel’s Ubersuggest is a free tool that offers all the metrics for free.You can use this tool as many times as you want.

It can give you metrics like search volume, competition, CPC and more.This tool is absolutely free.

Ubersuggest is a solid tool you can start your keyword research with.

Answer the public

This is another interesting tool that you can use for finding some hidden long tail keywords.Visit their website and simply type a keyword or an idea.

It presents you with all possible variations of a keyword including comparisons, questions and more.

I love this free tool.It’s such a breeze to use.They’re even planning on offering a pro version.

Keyword revealer(freemium)

It is one of the best keyword tools in the market.There’s a free version you can use with limitations.They’re one of the most affordable keyword software in the market.

They offer rank tracker for certain keywords.Recently they included a keyword brainstorming section to their website.

Keyword revealer reveals proper metrics like CPC, estimated profit.

They even offer Lifetime access for a payment of $39.Lifetime access is the simply the cheapest deal.


KWfinder offers variety of SEO tools under one slick package.They’re known for their quality.

Theie annual plan starts from $29 for KWfinder, SERPchecker, SERPwatcher and Linkminer tools.

Using them you can find long tail keywords at a city level.This is one of my favourite features.

Google search suggestions

Even before you type few words you may see google search suggestions.They’re one great way to find hidden long tail keywords.

Google related keywords

You can find related keywords at the end of every results page.These are hidden gold mines, meant for unearthing some untapped long tail keywords.

Top 10 lists

Ever wondered how you can find long tail keywords.Always watch out for top 10 lists on popular blogs and other websites.

When you find a product or keyword, you can use a tool like Longtail Pro find best long tails.

Member forums

Always follow fan pages, member forums and carefully watch for some common unsolved problems.

Amazon bestsellers

Look for products that are selling well on Amazon.If a product is selling well then people are using them already.

So if people are using a product, chances are high that they have common problems.These problems are very specific and can be mapped to exact long tail keywords.


Watch out for products on Producthunt. If a product is well received, it may sell well.So you can create tutorials around that product and attract buyers.


Developed by people behind the popular browser add-on SEOquake, SEMrush is just a winner for SEO.

Use SEMrush tool to spy or competitors or look for keyword ideas.You can even use domain vs domain analytics to find which keywords every top blog is ranking for.

SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO suite and you can try it upto 14 days for free.


This a perfect tool to analyse backlinks and the entire site as well.If you want to find the best long tail keywords, simply type in the domain name.

Go to organic keywords report and sort them by CPC and competition.You’ll have the right keywords to go after.

Google analytics

If you’re using google analytics for your site, then congrats there’s good news for you.

Head over to analytics dashboard, view the pages report and find which keywords are driving traffic to your blog.

Once you have the keywords or pages driving good traffic, find some related long tail keywords using tools like Longtail pro or keyword revealer.

Google search console

It can be any search console, not just google.Carefully monitor which posts or pages are have high click through rate.

Find some variants of these keywords and rank for those long tail keywords as well.

LSI keywords

One very commonly overlooked source of long tail keywords is LSI keywords.You can generate by visiting

LSI keywords can themselves be long tail keywords.The best way to get LSI keywords for wordpress sites is SEOpressor plugin.

SEOpressor is the complete on-page SEO suite.You can either use this plugin or yoast. We use SEOpressor for our On-page SEO.

Moz keyword planner

This is one of the best SEO tool suites. Moz pro offers everything from site audits, rank tracker to keyword planner.

Moz have their own crawlers.Many of the keyword tools are powered by data from Moz and Majestic.

Sign up for Moz pro.Believe me they’re one of the best in the industry.


You can spy on your competitors using spyfu by knowing their organic traffic, paid traffic, PPC campaigns and more.

Spyfu is more of a Adwords and PPC marketing tool.However you can use it find long tail keywords of your competitors.


This is another tool with which you can spy on your competitors.You can find your competitors’ best keywords, PPC campaigns and more.This is similar to SPyfu.

Google Trends

Look out the most searched or viral content around the globe.Follow the trends and know more user interest.

You can simply go after the most buzzing and most talked words.

Facebook What’s Trending

You can know which are the articles or news people tend more to talk about.Most viral content sometimes lasts only for a particular period of time.

Third party News Apps

News apps such as Flipboard, smartnews and others are highly used.You can see their most read articles to clearly capture user interest.

After finding a particular topic you can simply use a tool like Longtail Pro to see its competitive index.


You can read FAQ section of every website.Remember one thing, companies won’t try to index FAQs in Google.

So if they search for that particular problem, you might just provide them a solution.

We hope you now know where and how to find long tail keywords.

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