high paying adsense ads

Earning money with Google Adsense is not very difficult.In some cases all you need to do is to rank for high CPC keywords with decent volume.

Google Adsense is one of the best ad platforms to make money online.Many bloggers even make a living out of it.

How to Find high CPC keywords for google adsense

There are various ways to find high CPC keywords.I’m gonna list the smartest and best of ways.

Spy on competitors organic traffic

Since your competitors are already getting traffic, they may have ranked for certain high CPC keywords already.Especially if your competitors are some big name blogs such as Backlinko, Cnet or Business insider.

In order to do this you need to have the best SEO tools.We recommend using SEMrush as data is really accurate.In addition to that you can also use Ahrefs for complete backlink analysis.

For the sake of simplicity I’m gonna explain this article with SEMrush. You can find reports like paid keywords and top organic keywords.

Under top organic keywords section click view report.Once the enitre the data loads click on CPC.Now this entire data is sorted in decreasing value of CPC.

Simply note down the keywords or export them in csv or excel format.Additionally you can check some long tail variants of these keywords and rank for them.

Since you also need to rank well for these keywords I suggest you use Longtail Pro.Look out for keywords with at least KC score and low competition.

You can refer to this guide to know the exact strategy we use to rank for long tail keywords.

Extract high CPC keywords from forums

Forums such as Quora, Yahoo answers and Warriorforums contain most of the high CPC keywords.Because of their popularity and trust factors users are likely to search these sites along with Google search.

Let me tell you a cool thing.To my surprise I found out that I can find most of world’s high CPC keywords on Quora.I simply used SEMrush to analyse Quora.com and I found keywords that can make loads of money for me.

Even if you don’t find high CPC keywords, you can find most keywords for any niche.I learnt this from my personal experience of using SEMrush and playing with it.

Use SEMrush to find high CPC low competition keywords

Another smart way is to use keyword research feature in SEMrush. In organic search you can find phrase matched keywords, related keywords and organic keywords.

You can even use keyword magic feature which is in beta for now.You can also use Longtail Pro to go after the right Longtail keywords.

Some of you might argue SEMrush is costly, but hey it can let find at least $300 per click keywords .All you have to spend is some $99 per month and within few months you make huge amounts of profit.Take a lot at the screenshot below and the data SEMrush gives you.

high paying adsense keywords

We always use SEMrush and Longtail Pro for all our websites.We’ve seen great success rates with them.Obviously you can use some free keyword tools, but they don’t expect to make loads of money.

Google’s top high paying keywords list

These lists are available on the internet.We recommend you analyse the competition before ranking for these keywords.Since they’re some high paying keywords your site needs to be a high authority domain or a niche site.

Here’s a screenshot you can see and you’ll be shocked to see some keywords can pay you as much as $1000 per click.

Finally make sure you don’t have any negative keywords.Negative keywords are those set by advertisers to prevent their ads from appearing when such keywords are entered.

Lets say you’ve optimised very well for a high CPC keyword.But if your article somehow ranked for the negative keyword, then feel free to pity yourself.

Fortunately if you use closely relevant keywords and LSI keywords you can avoid such things.Always take care of On-page SEO and backlinks.

Best way to find high paying Adsense keywords

Best way to find high paying keywords in your niche.Firstly I want you to target a keyword with keyword difficulty or KC(for Longtail Pro) less than 38.

Narrow down your target geography to country level or city level.As you’re targeting at city level for a low competition keyword, chances are very high you’ll rank #1 for a long time in google.

Use a keyword tool like KWfinder to narrow down to a city level.You can even use google keyword planner tool for that.

Target untapped geographies.All the players generally for high CPC markets like US, UK.You can play a bit different and target developing countries like India.

By doing so you’re just eliminating half of the competition worldwide.Building links won’t be a problem at all.

If you’re looking to make money feel free to check out our website blueprint.