Google adwords is an advertising tool for SEO researchers and marketers.

The main purpose of Google adwords is to target keywords for Ad campaigns.These campaigns are also called PPC campaigns.

You refer to the ultimate longtail blueprint to rank #1 in google make tonne of money.

How to use keyword planner

how to use google adwords for keyword research

  • Type in the seed keyword(main keyword) or your keyword idea first.
  • You’re presented with several rows of data.
  • The most important factors here are to average monthly searches and competition.
  • You can also include advanced filters such as containing, keyword text and more.
  • Finally copy the long tail keywords that have low and medium competition.
  • Search for each one of these using the ultimate tool Longtail Pro.

how to use google adwords for keyword research

  • Once you see green or yellow colour score under KC score in Longtail Pro, these are the keywords you need to go after.
  • Not only these green colour coded keywords are easier to rank for, with a minimum number of backlinks (sometimes without any).

Benefits of using Adwords

  • Lemme tell you a lil secret here.Adwords are not just used for ad campaigns but also, sometimes to promote your own product or website.
  • You can promote your website across variety of google services such as Youtube, Gmail, Search and Android apps.
  • PPC means you can Pay per click, when someone clicks on your ad.

However these are just marketing terms.I’ll tell you how to use google keyword planner effectively.

Pros of using Google keyword planner

  • You get accurate keyword statistics
  • You get perfectly relevant keyword suggestions

Cons of using Google keyword planner

  • Google doesn’t show all data until you actually run Adwords PPC campaign
  • Google is said to hide some low competition long tail keywords to increase bids for head and mid tail keywords.

Can you use just Google keyword planner

  • Always use Google keyword planner along with best keyword research tool.
  • We highly recommend Longtail Pro as keeps the guesswork aside and gives you the keywords you’re supposed to go after.
  • Read our in-depth review our Longtail Pro and why we use it ourselves here at Longtail Pro.

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