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Website traffic is undoubtedly the best metric to see how successful your blog or website really is.We clearly discussed in our website blueprint, the importance of Long tail keywords.

However at times, long tail keywords mayn’t be enough.Especially if its a very competitive niche such as technology.In this post we will discuss some free website traffic generator ideas and tips.

Why do you need Website Traffic

  • More website traffic means your website is a quality one.
  • You can strike some exclusive deals with brands, companies if you have decent traffic.
  • Adsense revenue is directly proportional to traffic.
  • The more your traffic the more chances you have to convert them into sales.
  • It may take some brand building and link building, but its worth it.Take your time and be an authority in your niche.

Free website traffic generator ideas

Here are some perfect ideas and ways to generate high traffic to your website.All of these are free and genuine, meaning you can implement these steps immediately.

Submit your sitemap to multiple search engines

Sure, Google is the most popular search engine right now.But there are a fraction of users who use Bing too! And people in China people use Baidu.

Also users who prefer privacy may just use DuckDuck Go.No matter what it’s always advisable to play well with all search engines.

By submitting your sitemap to multiple search, you increase your chances of getting traffic.

Blog Commenting

Unfortunately this is one of the most abused SEO practices scammers use to get backlinks and rank their websites.However make no mistake blog commenting of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your website.

Here is the step by step method to follow to generate high quality website traffic.

  • First of all start reading some blogs with great traffic and great authority.Keep yourself updated on the latest articles discussed on such blogs.
  • Now pick some articles relevant to your niche or your own articles.Read what the author has to say about the topic.
  • And finally leave some thoughtful comments along with some links to your blog.Please note that the idea here is not to spam the blog.
  • Comment only when you have something to share or add to the article.Stay in the context.
  • Leave meaningful comments, their readers may visit your blog to check it out.

Note: Don’t be a random person commenting out of nowhere.Stay in the loop and be a regular reader yourself.

Blog commenting will even add some links to your blog.Don’t worry even they are nofollow links, the goal here is to drive traffic.

Blog commenting is also the best free website traffic generator method.

Write and share list posts

Recent study from Buzzsumo states that list articles such as 80 things to do in Dubai,10 best marketing strategies are the most shared content on social networks.

Its quite natural for these kinds of posts to generate user interest immediately.Just imagine when you find an interesting list like 100 places to visit before you die, you’d love to share them with your friends right ?

Write some cool list posts and share them on social networks.It’s one of the easiest and smartest way to drive traffic to your website.

Answer on Q/A sites

Let me tell you a secret here.When you type a question in Google search, it’s very likely to find Quora result.Thinks of Quora as the best free website traffic generator.

Sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers have engaged users as well.So when you answer an article and provide a link for reference, you’ll drive some good amount of traffic.

And these sites have millions of users, so not a bad idea to get traffic, huh?!

Write Testimonials for Products You Use

When you’re a satisfied user of a software or a service, you can simply write a great testimonial that best describes the product.

The testimonials you write are more likely to be featured on their landing pages or product pages.

So you may drive tonnes of traffic to your website.Also these testimonials are permanently placed, so you get backlinks too!

Lets say you like using Long Tail Pro, leave a testimonial on their website.

Make Youtube videos

Youtube is just getting bigger every day.They have over a billion users.When you make cool videos, you can link to those articles on your website.

Also don’t forget that some of your youtube videos might appear in Google search as well.Youtube links not only generate traffic, but also some backlinks which will increase your rankings.

Refer to our article on Youtube SEO to learn more about finding the right keywords for Youtube.

Target Long Tail Keywords

This is a no brainer way to get traffic without building many links.Long Tail Keywords have less competition and are easy to rank.

By targeting long tails, you can increase your chances of appearing in the first page of google.Thereby you can drive some decent amount of traffic.

Interlink your content

Wait, what?!Yeah, you heard me right.Find your best performing articles, add some relevant links to articles you want traffic for.

See how interlinked this post

By interlinking your content, you may drive traffic to posts which users might not easily find on Google search.

Optimise your post for multiple keywords

Whenever you write posts, make sure optimise it for multiple relevant keywords.Using Long Tail Pro you can easily do that.Just type in the seed keyword and find keywords that closely related.Refer to the screenshot below.

free website traffic generator

Once you pick those relevant keywords, make sure you use great SEO strategy to optimise your post around multiple keywords.

Since you’re post will be ranked for multiple queries, you may generate great amount of traffic.

Giveaway stuff for free

Did u hear it before?Giveaways! Who doesn’t love free stuff right?Whenever you giveaway stuff for free, it can be a theme, pdf or software it’ll make you wildly popular.

Give your users a free trail to a software you love to use, a free ebook, or free access to your premium membership.

Start A Reddit Thread

Do you have some unique information to share?Start a Reddit Thread and provide a contextual link to article on your blog.

Did you ever see those viral iPhone threads?Yes, they generate tonne of traffic.And there are dedicated people who look out for such articles.

Write about viral topics

Although traffic generated through this method fades, it helps you gain traffic immediately.Recently I watched Avengers: Infinity War movie.

I badly wanted to know how Thanos will be defeated.So I searched on Google for the info and found tonnes of content already.

So just remember that sky is the limit here.

Update your old posts

This is a very easy hack.Instead writing new article every time, see if you can update few details in the post to make it look fresh.

Suppose you wrote a post named top SEO strategies 2017.Simply replace 2017 with 2018 and it brings in more context.

Also keep updating info such as prices, discounts and more.By doing so, Google takes note of this and might push you to first page.

How to check my website traffic report for free

Now that we know some of the best free ways to generate traffic, you also need to measure it.Measuring the amount of traffic to your website is an important step in SEO.

Here are some free ways to measure traffic to your website.

WordPress themes or Plugins

Some WordPress themes such as Genesis, NewsPaper allow you to check website stats.Popular plugins like Jetpack allow you to view number of visitors and other analytical data.

Google Search Console/Google Analytics

In Google console, you can find tab for traffic report.Under that find traffic analytics and find where all your traffic is coming from.

You can find your traffic sources by country, filter and more.Google Analytics takes this a bit further and shows user demographics as well.

Together both these tools can tell you how much traffic your website is getting.

Moz Open Site Explorer

It’s free and you can get comprehensive report about website traffic and other important stats.

Hosting Cpanel

If you are hosting your website on a third party hosting provider such as hostgator, Inmotion, they provide you with an option to view your traffic.

Under Cpanel you may find something like traffic report or stats.

How to check website traffic of other websites

In order to check your competitor’s website traffic you may use one of the tools below.


Ahrefs is a powerful tool that shows every detail about your website.You can also use it to perform backlink analysis.All you need to do is to enter your domain.


SEMrush is an all-in-one SEO solution that has everything from Rank Tracker, Backlink Analysis, Keyword Research and more.Know more about it by reading our SEMrush review.

You can try SEMrush for few days and evaulate it.It is a part our website blueprint.

Organic website traffic definition

What is organic traffic ?Organic traffic is nothing but, traffic completely from search engine results.In other words when someone finds your article on Google results page, it is an organic hit.

Wondering what other sources are traffic are ? Well it can be direct traffic, when someone visits your website by typing domain address.And you also have referral traffic, when someone links back to you.

Of all the traffic your website gets Google puts weight behind organic traffic.When someone finds you through search, it means you are providing valuable information to your users.

How to get organic traffic to your website

In order to get organic traffic to your website, you need three things.First your content must be really good and unique.

Secondly you need to take care of On-page SEO factors.You can take care of On-page SEO  using Yoast SEO plugin.Make sure for every post you have good readability and SEO scores.

And last but not certainly least is to build backlinks.Not just any backlinks but quality ones.You need to get backlinks from relevant sites in your niche.There are various sources of backlinks such as guest posting, google profile links and more.

How to increase organic traffic to website

Though you’re getting some traffic, you need ways to increase your traffic.You can do that by simply seeing your best performing articles in Google search console or SEMrush report.

You can increase your traffic by manual outreach.Mail your fellow bloggers about your greatest articles and they might link back to you.Make sure you follow all SEO techniques .

Perhaps the best way to increase your traffic is to optimise your posts for long tail keywords.

Get targeted website traffic

Well, what is targeted web traffic? When you get traffic from people who are interested in your articles.Think of them as your fanboys or dedicated audience.

So when you get traffic from sites relevant to your niche, it’s very likely that they will convert well.Targeted traffic can be driven from forums or discussion sites.

Main benefit to get targeted traffic to increase conversions or sales.

Hope you liked this article on free website traffic generator guide.Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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