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As a beginner, the first question that comes to our mind is what’s the best free keyword tool.You didn’t ask the right question.

You just need to ask me, if you want a free tool or the best keyword tool.Let me start it with a quote which I relate to myself.

Nowadays people are willing to pay $999 to buy a phone but they don’t want to invest $99 on building their future

There’s a reason why people are buying keyword software.Many of them buy complete SEO suites like SEMrush. In fact you can read our blueprint on how to make money.

We use just two tools for all our SEO needs.You can read this post to know about some of the best keyword tools on the market right now.

Why you should say no to any free keyword tool

All right folks, calm down.As a beginner you need to know the truth.

When we first started our blogging careers, free tools were ok to write some basic posts.Later we realised with little investment we can make good money.

Times have changed and now the competition is at all time high.You don’t have to be scared, but you need to be really careful.

People are using SEO tools to rank ahead of competition and none of the free keyword tools help you spy on your competition.

Free tools often reproduce incorrect or cached data, this is because they’re not charging you a penny.

Free keyword tools have limited options, you don’t have the option to save keyword projects, import them or export them to a list.

You can do initial keyword research on any free keyword tool but you shouldn’t expect them to make you big bucks.

Most of the so called free keyword tools try to upsell so that you’ll finally pay.At the end of the end you’re eventually paying for a tool, without even knowing how good it is.

Let me recall that SEO is all about beating the competition to rank on the 1st page of google.If you don’t compete you never rank, thereby you won’t stand a chance.

You have plenty of options in the market, if you’re worried about spending a lot on investment we suggest you go with Keyword revealer lifetime access.

Why you should invest instead of using free keyword tool

Free keyword tools such as Google keyword planner(requires signup and credit card) aren’t really free.

Your best option is to bet that these keywords will just rank for you.In reality you may not be even close to ranking for them.

Let me make it clear with an example if you’re using Ahrefs for analysing backlinks, you can find broken links on your competitor’s website and cannibalise them by supplying your links.

We, the folks at LTKW always keep it simple, effective and clear.We use the best tools to do all our Keyword research and backlink building campaigns.

Investment is very logical.It’ll be worth every penny.When you clearly know how to make money from your website(s), it’ll motivate you.

Why not just use the free keyword tools instead

Let me tell you the clear competitive disadvantages you’ll have when you use any free keyword tool.

  • You don’t what keywords your competition is ranking for
  • Additionally you don’t get to know how your competition is getting backlinks
  • By using free tools, you don’t beat your competition by outranking their long tail keywords.
  • As you don’t outrank your competition, you won’t enjoy the privilege of ranking on #1 page of Google.
  • When you don’t rank well for long tail keywords your domain rating will suck.So you won’t find any anxious sponsors or brands willing to work with you.
  • None of the free tools show Keyword competitiveness, so you never know if you’re going after the right keywords.
  • Instead of creating your own content, you can get some ideas by looking at the domain reports of big players using Ahrefs or SEMrush.If you don’t use them you’d never know them.
  • They display the same content to everyone, so other folks in your niche may write using the same keyword that you use too.

Final thoughts on using free keyword tools

I recommend using one of the free keyword tools only until you get to know what kinda keywords are possible.

Once you start getting serious about blogging and ranking your blog on Google, you need to start investing.

I’m not asking to just spend on every SEO tool out there.Know the best and invest in them.Trust me you’ll not regret it.

We’re always there to help you with free guides and the possible information.We learnt a lot and we’re more than happy to share our knowledge with you.

Keep checking the blog for more updated content.One more thing.They say time is money.Save time and save money.Don’t save money and waste time or don’t save time by wasting money.

Learn how to make money with the best solutions in the market.Refer to our blueprint on how we made money.We still follow the same blueprint to make money.