When we first started our website, we always used to depend on free keyword generators.

While they may keep you going initially they are very bad as a competitive tool.Read this article on why free tools are a bad idea.

I recommend you check out this article before proceeding further.If you’re looking for some serious keyword tools that make you money, see the best keyword keyword tools available.

However you can always use any of the following tools, but don’t simply rely on them.Free tools can’t get competitive data.Also you can find comprehensive list of best keyword tools here.

Here’s the list of top best keyword tools you can find online for free

Google Keyword Planner

What’s better than getting data right from the search giant who handles more than 60% of internet traffic.

Google keyword planner is a tool available for free when you signup for Adsense.Its 100% free.Keyword planner shows metrics like CPC, competition and more.

We don’t recommend keyword planner as the only tool to use.We suggest you use it along with a great tool like Longtail Pro.

Google’s tool is often known to hide low competition keywords to increase bids.This is bad for your SEO.

You’re making a huge mistake if you rely on it long tail keywords.Refer to our blueprint on how to target long tail keywords.

Google Autocomplete

Its one of the best ways to predict user intent.Also it can easily find certain long tail keywords.

Google search results can provide you with some great long tail keyword ideas.Scroll to the bottom of the results page to find related searches.


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool is now integrated into his website.It is great way to find ideas for keyword research.Also you can use it as many times as you want, no limits.

free keyword generatorType in any keyword you want, select the geographical location and you’re provided with rough estimates.

You can even select the categories of your search such as web,image, shopping and more.

Answer the public

Answer the public is perhaps the most comprehensive tool that generates all variants of long tail keywords.While its a good keyword generator, they mayn’t be actual keywords or may not have any valuable search volume.

It gives you all possible variants of a long tail keyword.Arguably this is the best free keyword generator online.

However, its a hit and miss in some cases.It doesn’t show CPC and other metrics.

Keywords everywhere

Its a free addon available for both mozilla and chrome.It gives free suggestions, CPC and otherĀ important metrics.Keywords everywhere is also the most affordable keyword generator.

You can’t outrank your competition without proper backlink analysis.You need Ahrefs to do this.

Just remember that SEO is all about competition and if you’re not outranking competition using their own keywords you’ll have long way to go.

You can use Longtail Pro as we feel it’s the best keyword tool on the market.And for your complete SEO needs SEMrush would be sufficient.

Longtail Pro gives you the most profitable long tail keywords whereas SEMrush is the best all-in-one SEO suite that you need.

Read our complete strategy to understand how to make money using long tail keywords.

Online Q/A sites

This is one source people tend to overlook.You can search using certain forums like Quora, amazon FAQs, Amazon reviews, Yahoo Answers and more.

Learn how you can find high paying keywords using SEMrush.

You can also sign up on warrior forums website.Here you can find some good resources to find free keyword ideas.

If we miss any free online keyword generator we’ll update this post.So stay tuned for more.







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