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Ok so you’re just looking to find the best keywords for affiliate marketing so that can start a niche?You’re in the right place.We’re gonna show you the keyword tools you need to be a good marketer.

Affiliate marketing is highly lucrative and can help you earn at least $30 commission per sale.What about the keywords? What are the best keywords that suit your affiliate marketing needs ?

Some people even make a living out of affiliate marketing.We know and we’ve been there too.

All you need to do for this is proper keyword research.Let me walk you through the steps.Let me take swimwear as an example to explain it in this article.

If you’re looking to promote physical products look for bestsellers on amazon or eBay.However if you’re looking to promote software products visit Clickbank, Shareasale or Commission Junction.

Lets say you used some product like Kontent machine or Longtail Pro, You can find the right keywords around that idea.If you have the perfect idea then skip to step 3.

At this stage if you still don’t have any idea, worry not, continue reading this article.

Step 1:Brainstorm for keyword ideas

The first and foremost thing to do is to find some good ideas.Where can you find them?There are no of places where you can find them.

Let’s say you’re using Long Tail Pro , your research becomes really simple.We highly recommend Longtail Pro for niche websites.

Why do we always recommend Long tail Pro? It’s simple.It helps you find the best keywords you can go after, especially for Niche websites.You just need to type your idea or seed keyword and skip to this section.

Longtail Pro’s KC metric is a gold standard for niche websites.It’s often called the best long tail keyword tool.However if you’re using free google keyword planner tool, you’re in luck too.

Start with a topic or keyword idea, it can be body buidling, swimwear or anything.

Where can you find ideas?Well, look what top blogs in your industry are talking about.So if you’re thinking of fashion, see what blogs like GQ  and others are talking about.

You can even use Google trends to find some keyword ideas for your project.

Google your keyword idea and note down the top 10 website results.You can even observe the ads displayed around the search results.

Search for your keyword idea on Adword keyword planner and see terms that have low competition.If you’re using Longtail Pro note down those keywords and you can skip to step 3.

Search Amazon or eBay for swimwear and try to find products with highest ratings for your keyword idea.

Use forums like Reddit, quora and more.By the end of the step you may just have Keyword for affiliate marketing, but hey just hold on there’s more.

You can also google best keyword idea and note down the top results on the first page.Lets say I’m my keyword idea is diapers.

I’ll google best diapers for babies below 1 year.I can even search best diapers without any side effects.

Now you have your keyword idea.Do you think its the best idea?Not yet.

Step 2: Extract keyword from your keyword idea

Once you have an idea that search for how beneficial it is to rank for.In other words, search for how good of a commercial value does your idea carry.

This step can be completely skipped if you have Longtail Pro.Go to step 3 instead if you’re using Longtail Pro.

Use certain tools like Keyword or Keyword revealer that offer freemium model. Check for Keyword difficulty or Keyword competitiveness with these tools.

If you’re a hardcore affiliate marketer you must have Longtail Pro or at least something very affordable like Keyword revealer.

You can buy Keyword revealer for lifetime using this link which is a pretty good investment.

Using the keyword tool of your choice, find the best low competition keywords.

Step 3 : Finalise a keyword to target

If you have Longtail Pro you can simply skip this step.Whichever keyword has green or yellow(20-30) KC index or keyword competitiveness factor is the best keyword you can target at.

Also make sure you have buyer keyword by the end of this step.

What are buyer keywords?

Keywords such as buy, purchase , discount and sale are called buyer keywords.Such keywords tend to convert more instantly.

These buyer keywords clearly indicate that users want to buy that product or service.

Step 4 : Build backlinks if necessary

You may skip this step if you’re not using any paid SEO tools.You need a tool like ahrefs, SEMrush to complete this step.

Why do you need SEO tools?

Low keyword difficulty doesn’t mean you can rank for it easily.You need to roughly estimate the amount of backlinks you need to rank for this keyword.

If you’re using Longtail pro click on any result with green or yellow KC result.I mean any result having KC upto 30.

This literally means you don’t need a single backlink to rank for this keyword.

If you do your Longtail keyword SEO well, then Longtail Pro can help you save tonne of time.

Click on the result and see the amount of backlinks, each URL in top 10 search results have.Once you find these backlinks and where they come from, replicate them and get even more backlinks(if required).

By the end of this you have perfect money making affiliate keyword.

Create great content around Long tail keywords and you can make some good money.Don’t forget to make SEO perfect for the articles.

I hope this tutorial helped you find best affiliate marketing keywords.Cheers and good luck.If you wanna understand the above process with an example, let me show you.

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Implementing the guide

I already have the perfect keyword idea.It is Kontent machine, a tool that I personally used.

Now that I have Longtail Pro, I type the word and find keywords with green KC score.

I’ll replicate backlinks if there are any necessary and push my content.