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Amazon is the biggest player in e-commerce around the world.You need to be careful about SEO if you’re an Amazon seller or just running an Amazon Niche site.

We’ve already written in-depth guide on how to start a niche website and make it profitable.You may refer to that article before proceeding here.

In order to increase your chances of ranking on the first page of google, you need to know about long tail keywords.

We will share the best amazon SEO tools and the best SEO strategy to make the most of Amazon keywords.

Amazon vs Google

Google organises world’s information to help users find what they need.On the other hand, Amazon sells literally everything from tooth pastes to smartphones.People searching for Google are looking for information, sometimes looking to buy stuff.

People who search on Amazon are real time buyers.Even if they search on Google you can redirect them to Amazon using your niche site.

As we discussed in our website blueprint, there are various types of keywords.Mainly you should be concerned about Buyer keywords.I’ll stress out again that keywords such as buy, discount, sale are some examples of buyer keywords.

So while listing a product on Amazon, they require you to provide every minute detail from size, weight, colour and more.

Make sure you include all possible options while describing your product.

What are Amazon Keywords

amazon seo toolsKeywords that tend show your product listing are called amazon keywords.Lets say you’re looking to buy headphones on Amazon.When you start searching for a particular product Amazon will show you suggestions.

Amazon SEO tools

You can use amazon seo tools like keyword dominator,Long Tail Pro or Ubersuggest to find best variants of your main keyword.These tools scrape suggestions from Amazon autocomplete, so they’re as good as Amazon suggestions itself.

Using SEMrush you can spy on your competitors’ keywords.Amazon’s own tools can help you analyse which keywords bring you sales.

Tips for Using Amazon keywords

A logical way to use keywords is Your brand +Product+Unique Modifier+Keyword+Size/Shape+Target Audience.I know that’s a mouthful but it just works.

Let me explain it with an example.Suppose you’re selling Apple watch bands.

You can name your as LTKW wooden apple watch band for men/women.As you can see the product title is self sufficient and self explanatory.

Also don’t try to stuff keywords into title.Let it be natural and user friendly.However if you’re looking to sell products using Amazon affiliate, then find keywords with less competition.

How to generate Amazon keywords

You can use many tools for this purpose.But we want you to choose the best amazon keyword tool.

We suggest using Long Tail Pro as it has custom rank value for amazon affiliate sites.

Long Tail Pro along with SEMrush can even help you build the perfect amazon affiliate niche.

Other options for amazon keyword generators are Kwfinder, Keyword revealer, Ubersuggest.You can refer to our complete list of keyword generators here.

If you’re running an Amazon niche site, narrow it down to the product you’re targeting to rank for.We think Long Tail Pro is the best amazon keyword tool yet.

However if you’re looking for free options are plenty of them available on the internet.

Find and use most searched keywords on Amazon

amazon keywordsAmazon bestsellers are often the most searched keywords on Amazon.You may look at products that are amazon all time bestsellers.

As these products sell really well there can be numerous long tail keywords related to these products.

Promote Amazon’s own products such as Amazon echo or Amazon dash buttons.

Also carefully look out for related products or sponsored products.There are ads in place because people search for these keywords.

Apart from bestsellers, you may also check products with highest number of ratings.High user satisfaction means users love these products.

Also check out recently launched products on Amazon.Order them yourself and see how well they perform.Launch jack some products using sites such as Product Hunt.

Let me tell you another hack.When you see lots of amazon ads on google search results note them down.Next thing I want you to do is to check if they have any reviews.

Write a review article on your blog describing the product and promote it using your affiliate link.

Pro-tip:When you find a great product watch out for its next generation release.

Learn more from Amazon Product description

Product description often says everything a product does.Carefully examine product description page to mine some long tail keywords.You can find unique features of a product and include them as your keyword modifier.

Lets take the example of Wooden apple watch bands.You can write an article about unique wooden watch bands.

Product description often mentions about website or the business.So you can visit their website to dig deeper into product details.

Select Keywords from Amazon Product Categories

amazon seoYou know what? Amazon already knows how to categorise products.Its been in this field for quite a while now.

If you’re making a niche site you can replicate some of the product categories as your category pages.Amazon Product categories can also help you find some hidden long tail keywords.

Last but not least find offers that offer great discounts.Its in the human nature to buy something that’s relatively cheap.

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